IT and Non IT Recruitment

We give the best Services Millions of Jobs are waiting for skilled persons (not ranked persons) and it has increased aggressively even in pandemic situations. DHUNIS will identify, attract, interview, select, on-board and hire employees for our corporate, Startup, and industrial clients on regular basis. We proudly say we have created 4000 jobs with our […]
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Digital Marketing

We give the best Services How many of us listening sales boys product promotions now a days. Merely zero, because digital world need digital promotion. Especially in Digital modern marketing separated all traditional marketing methods like a modern man and cave man.  We are not using firestones for cooking, bullock carts for transportation and not […]
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We give the best Services Large scale industries and enterprises for world class business expansion, sales and strategies individual or accounting and software apps are not at all suitable. To handle multiple domains in an industry like sales, marketing, production, logistics, HR, finance, accounting, documentation modules are must and should. Only an ERP ( Enterprise […]
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Software Development

We give the best Services DHUNIS technologies will reduce the complexity and simplify the business and Startup needs with magic of Software Development. Software revolution is major in industry and every task can be completed in finger tips now a days. A banking sector is super example to utilise the software industry services. It saved […]
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Mobile App Development

We give the best Services To satisfy customer minds and need, DHUNIS Mobile applications are major technology elements that are changing consistently. To provide unique services, features and to grab feedback, mobile applications developed by DHUNIS are building a strong brand, providing more value to customers with a competitive edge niche to offer ultimate purpose […]
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Websites Development

We give the best Services A website will be the engine to a business. DHUNIS will design and keep your website fresh and fast as per market trend. No employee will work for you 24/7 in 365 days. But our custom made website will grab new customers for you round the clock. Here are our […]
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